Bret Michaels isn’t bringing home a skank to grandma

bret_michaels_skankNice. I know this fool, Bret Michaels, has his choice of the “ladies” (and I use that term loosely) for some odd reason. He was a rock star in the eighties, but that really faded (in my eyes) when he started filming his reality show.

Now, he seems to me that he’s just a washed up eighties has-been. But he keeps things interesting once in a while.

In the spirit of promotion for his new book, “Roses and Thorns” Bret talked to “Elle” magazine about the girls he hooks up with.

On whether or not he’d bring a skank home to meet his grandmother, he said, “There are definitely some girls who come on the show to party, and there are a few I’m not going to take home to Grandma. But I try to never use the words ‘skanky’ or ‘slutty.’ I don’t call any of them out like that. And the ones who just want to have fun and then go? It’s not a horrible thing. We don’t have to own each other’s souls to have a night of fun. I happen to be thankful for the gifts they give me.”

Just call ’em what they are! It’s not like we don’t already know. We’ve seen “Rock Of Love: Skank Bus”.

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