Brimfield Police Chief Oliver Comments On Duck Dynasty Drama

Brimfield Police Chief Oliver Comments On Duck Dynasty Drama

Just like Kanye West, Brimfield’s Police Chief Oliver has something to say about the drama surrounding A&E’s decision to fire Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty.

Here is Chief Oliver’s statement in full:

Chief’s Babble….on Duck Dynasty.

I have been emailed, messaged and…well, everything but a smoke signal requesting me to comment on the Duck Dynasty and A&E fiasco. I usually don’t get involved in such things, because I don’t discuss religion and politics with friends. I usually keep this area police related. This does warrant some commentary, if just a brief note.

Many are using the term “Freedom of Speech” where Phil Robertson’s comments are concerned. It just does not fit. He and his family are under signed contract with A&E. They are an employer who gives him money for services rendered…for working. He exercised his RIGHT to say what he did and he said it. The government did not send in an arrest team and remove Phil from society for his comments. Freedom of Speech simply means the government can not stop him from saying what he truly believes…but an employer can certainly punish him, if they can prove the statements have any negative impact on the company. That all depends on the contract and rules.

I believe a bigger discussion is needed on this and numerous other issues which divide this country into sections of very loud and vocal pockets. There are just so much insults and yelling going on. What Phil believes is no less important than the beliefs of Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists or those who believe in other deities or none at all. You should get no more or less privileges, rights or advantages for who you marry, what you believe or what color your skin is. We are all human beings. What you believe may not be my cup of tea. It does not mean I attack you or sock you in the nose. Phil is a Christian and believes in the Bible. If he wants to profess that, let him. You don’t have to listen. You also do not have to attack him. If he violates the rules of his contract or workplace, then he and the bosses will have to sort it out. No one can tell me that A&E did NOT know his beliefs when they signed him. He is pretty up front with this. I admire a person who has convictions and believes in those convictions…if those are for the good and unless they hurt someone else.

I would sit back and watch this unfold before I got too heated up over the controversy. When people are angry, someone always profits. There are people who make a darn fine living on doing nothing else except keeping people stirred up. People act when they feel anger, passion or frustration…and that action usually means spending money on something.

When the dust settles…there needs to be calm and reasonable conversations….Chief Oliver.

Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments below.

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