Bristol Palin Defends Duck Dynasty Patriarch Phil Robertson

Bristol Palin Defends Duck Dynasty Patriarch Phil Robertson

Now that Duck Dynasty’s patriarch Phil Robertson has caused quite the commotion with his recent GQ comments, former famous for nothing do-gooder Bristol Palin has something to say. Of course she does. She’s mostly famous for hypocritically telling teenagers not to get knocked up after getting knocked up as a teenager herself.

Bristol took to her official website to offer up her two cents on the situation:

Everyone needs to leave Phil Robertson alone for expressing his beliefs. I think it’s so hypocritical how the LGBT community expects every single flippen person to agree with their life style. This flies in the face of what makes America great – people can have their own beliefs and own opinions and their own ways of life.

Everyone needs to treat others like God would, with love.

It goes both ways.

I hate how the LGBT community says it’s all about “love” and “equality.” However, if you don’t agree with their lifestyle, they spread the most hate. It is so hypocritical it makes my stomach turn. They need to learn how to respect others’ opinions and not just jump to the conclusion that everyone who doesn’t support homosexuality and gay marriage is homophobic.

They take the easy way out every time anyone speaks out about their beliefs on the Bible.

If I were Duck Dynasty, I would take my show to another channel.

So much disrespect.

She’s such a tool, isn’t she? Weigh in with your comments below. For the record, A&E was within their rights to fire their employee for something that they didn’t agree with. Be not mistaken, though, they did know his opinions on matters such as these before putting him in front of a camera.

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