Bristol Palin thanks her haters

Well, I, for one, am a Bristol Palin hater. I can’t fathom the thought that she got through to the finals on Dancing With The Stars. It truly doesn’t feel as if it were based on talent or skill, so it has to be another factor…. Her mother, perhaps? The Tea Party set their sights on getting her through to the finals and she did.

Now, Bristol is thanking her haters. Even the guy that shot his television set over this crap?!??

In a new interview with Access Hollywood, Laura Saltman asked Bristol about her haters and what she would like to say to all of us. She said, “Well, thanks for hating on me because that’s just going to give me more motivation. I’m blessed to still be around and I’m thankful for our fans that keep voting us through.”

They’re not fans, they’re the people who have rigged the system so that your wooden self could get through to the end. Seriously, Derek Hough’s reaction said it all!

Will she win the Mirror Ball trophy? What do you think?

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