Bristol Palin To Do ‘Dancing With The Stars’ 2012 All-Star Season?

Bristol Palin To Do 'Dancing With The Stars' 2012 All-Star Season?

We didn’t care for Bristol Palin on the eleventh season of “Dancing With The Stars”, so we imagine it’s not going to be a welcomed comeback if she returns for the show’s all-star season. Ugh, I just can’t with this girl. She’s a “teen activist” who calls people out for being homosexual and preaches about not having kids as a teen, even though that’s what she’s done. Thank God she didn’t win her season.

ABC is gearing up to release the names for the upcoming season of the show on July 27, 2012. Rumor has it that the all-stars season will include Bristol. Bristol competed against Kyle Massey and Jennifer Grey in 2010, but was left in third place.

It’s also being said that the list might include Mel. B from the Spice Girls, Carson Kressley (I co-sign this) and Joey Lawrence. Bristol’s inclusion (along with a possible Kate Gosselin) would make a lot of interest because her reality show just bombed.

Will she return to embarrass herself even further on the upcoming season of “DWTS”? Who do you want to see on the All-Stars season? We would like to see Gilles Marini, Carson Kressley (even though he didn’t dance well, he was fun to watch) and professional dancers Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Tristan MacManus. Who’s on your list?

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