Bristol & Sarah Palin To Trademark Their Names

Bristol & Sarah Palin To Trademark Their Names

Not only has both Sarah and Bristol Palin written books, now they are actively seeking out trademarks for their names. Bristol is coming out with her memoir, Not Afraid Of Life: My Journey So Far, where she says her ex-boyfriend, Levi Johnston, cheated on her. She also claims that she was drunk on wine coolers when they first had sex.

Now, we’ve learned that the mother and daughter team are trying to trademark their names. The two have applied for the trademarks and so far, their applications have not been challenged. That could possibly be because no one wants to claim the names and sound utterly stupid. Just a hunch.

Pop Eater reports:

Sarah Palin seeks a trademark to protect her name, or “mark,” for business and advertising, elections, entertainment engagements and for “providing motivational speaking services in the field of politics.” Bristol Palin’s application says she does motivational speaking “in the field of life choices.” One benefit to trademark protection is using the U.S. federal court system to sue for infringement. Government at work!

Why are these people famous in the first place? Sarah stepped down as Governor after losing out the Vice Presidential bid and her daughter is famous for getting knocked up at the age of seventeen. It happens to girls all of the time, yet this twit is now a household name for it. It doesn’t make sense, don’t you think?

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