Britney is Divorcing Cletus

After spawning two more of the Federline clan, Britney has decided to call it quits with her leech of a husband, K-Fed. After supporting this clown for such a long time in his efforts to become a rapper and attempting to sell his crap cd’s for him, Britney has jumped ship. Kevin, on the other hand, has jumped the shark, like two years ago. That’s if he was ever popular, besides being a backup dancer for megastars.

It’s just a shame that she had to wait to have two kids with this loser before realizing that he was a total idiot. Clevelanders weren’t interested in going to his shows, among other venues.

So, what’s a K-Fed to do, now that he doesn’t have the backing of America’s pop princess?

The good:Britney will make a comeback and be better than ever, without that loser on her coattails.
The bad:They had two children as a result of their marriage, totalling four for the Federline clan.
The oh-god-my-ears:This idiot thinks he has talent.

Bonus: She did it via text message.

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