Britney Spears Blindsided By Jason Trawick Split?

Britney Spears Blindsided By Jason Trawick Split?

Pop singer Britney Spears and her former fiance Jason Trawick just recently called it quits after it was said that Britney wanted more children while Jason didn’t want any. We’re not sure if that is the actual reason for the split or if that’s the line that the former couple is feeding to the press. We have also heard that Jason had gotten tired of babysitting Britney after she purposely reset alarms so that he would miss important meetings and things of that nature.

Reportedly, Britney was said to be blindsided by the split from Jason. Snitches close to the former couple have revealed that the pop singer never even seen it coming. It was rumored for a while that the duo were experiencing trouble within their relationship, but it was never publicly acknowledged. It was just assumed that the breakup rumors were just lies generated by the media to ensure magazine sales.

Upon their breakup announcement, it was said that it was a mutual thing, but sources on the inside say that Britney was not in on it. An insider revealed, “He had been planning to break up with her for months. Everyone knew Jason was leaving her but Britney. She’s in la-la land.”

Oh poor Britney. And now she’s been most recently seen on her way to a pal’s house showing off the side-boob to anyone who wants a picture.

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