Britney Spears had pregnancy scares & suicidal thoughts?

britney_justinSteve Dennis wrote a new biography about Britney Spears, titled “Britney: Inside The Dream”, where he talks of her pregnancy scares with Justin Timberlake along with her issues with alcohol.

Justin and Britney dated for four years, from 1998 to 2002, and during that time, she was said to have several false alarms (pregnancy scares), along with suicidal thoughts and substance abuse.

He said, “More than once, Britney was absolutely convinced that she was pregnant when she was with Justin Timberlake. The scares turned out to be false alarms, but they showed how serious the relationship was.”

He went on to reveal that Britney drank five cocktails after finding out that she was pregnant with Jayden James. He added, “She was devastated, already suffering from postpartum depression, and it didn’t seem like a blessing at all. But Britney wasn’t reckless and didn’t drink or use drugs during the rest of her pregnancy.”

As far as the suicidal thoughts were concerned, he said, “I think Britney told people she felt it would be easier to never wake up again. I think her family believed Britney was reckless enough to take her own life, but I don’t believe there was ever a serious attempt.”

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