Britney Spears has already blown $60 million on shopping!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has been reported to have spent $60 million in shopping trips in just three years. That’s reportedly over half of her fortune. Can you imagine what you could buy with the kind of money she wastes in shopping?

Some of this money can be attributed to her habit of Mercedes purchasing, I’m sure. She must buy an outfit and only wear it once and then toss it.

Her father Jamie has taken over her finances and a source close to the former pop princess says, “There are massive holes in Britney’s finances, according to Jamie. He can’t believe it.”

She could always just start hosting a bunch of parties and go on tour to recoup some of the money that she’s wasted, though.

Her father Jamie is retaining his co-conservatorship over her estate until at least March 10th. Maybe he can help her get her act together. If Amy Winehouse can do it, so can Britney Spears. Right?

The photo above is of Britney just yesterday out at Social Hollywood with her father. Her hair is looking better and we’re liking her new assistant and security detail. Britney was helping children learn to dance last week at the Millenium Dance Studio…. I don’t know if I’d let her teach my kids to dance, given her current mental state, but she had the parent’s permission. And the little kids loved her.

Would you let Britney teach your kids anything?

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