Britney Spears Is Wrecking Her Voice By Smoking

Britney Spears Is Wrecking Her Voice By Smoking

If you’ve heard the unedited Britney Spears song “Alien” and was in shock by how terrible it sounded, you’re not alone. Now, some are speculating that Britney’s bad habit of smoking is killing her voice.

A leading vocal coach in Los Angeles, Roger Burnley said, “It’s common with smokers. Smoking dehydrates the voice so singers have to push to hit the right notes.”

He continued, “She had quite a strong voice when she was younger.”

Rumor has it that Britney is smoking two packs of cigarettes per day, something that could eventually destroy her career as a singer if she’s not careful. Burnley, of course, suggests that she give up the bad habit now before it’s too late. Will it help? “Definitely”, he said. “If she quit and worked on her technique, she could get back to the voice she had when she was younger. I know it’s still in there.”

Pals of the singer aren’t so sure that she can kick the habit. A source said, “She’s been smoking for over a decade. I’m not sure she’ll be able to quit. But for so many reasons – her kids, her career and not least of all her health, I really hope she does.”

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