Britney Spears Quits The X Factor!

Britney Spears Quits The X Factor!

After much speculation as to whether or not she would be returning to “The X Factor”, Britney Spears has announced that she has quit the talent competition. After the huge pay day that she received as a judge on the second season of the show, it was rumored that Simon Cowell and the powers that be over at Fox didn’t feel that they got as much bang for their buck with Britney on the show. So, she has terminated her employment with the hit show, leaving us wondering who will take her place. TMZ reports:

We have unimpeachable sources who tell us Britney loves the show but wants to focus on her music … which she is doing right now. Britney is in the studio recording her 8th album, with some help from and producer Hit-Boy, the brains behind Kanye and Jay-Z’s “N****s in Paris.”

One of our sources tells us … “Britney loves Simon, she likes Demi Lovato but her thing is music.”

We’re told after she completes the album, Britney is seriously considering going on tour again.

She received a reported $15 million for her first season as a judge on the show. It must be nice to be able to walk away from that kind of money. We’re guessing that her music and fans are just that important to her. Despite all of that, she was a bit zombified on the show and only offered rather short critiques on the contestants after they performed. She was always “so proud” or thought someone was “so talented”, so we’re guessing that she may not be missed that much. What do you think? Was this a smart move for Britney to leave the show? Or are you of the mind that she was pushed out, but told to make it appear as if it were her decision? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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