Brooke Mueller humiliated by Charlie Sheen divorce

Brooke Mueller says that she was humiliated by the fact that Charlie Sheen filed for divorce before they’d planned to. The twosome worked out the paperwork when he was arrested on Christmas day in 2009 and have cited that date as their date of separation on the divorce documents.

The former couple planned to file for divorce after waiting a year after the incident, to allow Charlie time to smooth things over with the press. Her lawyer said, “Charlie humiliated Brooke. She didn’t want to make trouble for Charlie.”

He went on to say that Brooke was even more hurt because she had shown him support when his hooker fling hit the fan. Charlie’s manager said that Brooke was aware that Charlie planned to file divorce and says that people should concentrate on their children, instead.

He said, “Charlie tried to reach out to Brooke and left her a message before filing for divorce. It’s a shame that this ambulance chaser is trying to drum up more business because this divorce was finalized and agreed upon six months ago. Shouldn’t everyone involved be more concerned about the two young children?”

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