Brooke Mueller Is Back In Rehab

Brooke Mueller Is Back In Rehab

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller has checked herself into rehab for the 19th time. This time, she is being treated for an addiction to ADHD medication Adderall. She was already said to have overdosed last week, but very little alcohol was found in her system during her hospital stay. At the time, her rep chalked it up to exhaustion, but now it appears that she has addiction issues.

TMZ reports that Brooke has checked into rehab Monday night and will be staying there for an unspecified amount of time. Her attorney, Yale Galanter, said, “Brooke was uncomfortable with the way Adderall was making her behave.”

Brooke is on probation in Aspen and she is prohibited from consuming alcohol, but Galanter tells us he’s confident the low low level of alcohol in her bloodstream would not result in a probation violation.

Galanter adds, “Brooke continues her lifelong battle with drug addiction by taking these steps herself to prevent a further drug relapse.”

Do you think she will have to do any jail time for having alcohol in her system? We think that Charlie’s lawyers won’t allow her to get into real trouble without a fight.

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