Brooke Mueller Leaves The Betty Ford Center

Brooke Mueller Leaves The Betty Ford Center

Just like Lindsay Lohan did yesterday, Brooke Mueller has jumped ship from the Betty Ford Center. She plans on heading to a rehab facility in Orange County so that she can fully recover.

It’s been said that Betty Ford is a good place to detox for the first thirty days of treatment, but apparently the general consensus is that another facility is better for readjusting to life without addictions.

TMZ has the scoop:

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Brooke has entered a rehab facility in Orange County. As for why she left Betty Ford … we’re told Brooke and her people felt Betty Ford was good for “detoxing” … but she needs a different place to reboot so she can go back home and attempt to lead a clean and sober life.

It’s interesting … Betty Ford has the reputation of being the Rolls-Royce of rehab, but it seems some patients think the facility’s value is limited.

We’re told Brooke and her people think the O.C. facility will help her assimilate back into society — something they didn’t think Betty Ford could do.

It seems like more of a coincidence to us, what do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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