Brooke Mueller’s Supervised Probation Ends Early

Brooke Mueller's Supervised Probation Ends Early

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller has a new reason to celebrate after a judge has decided to end her supervised probation earlier than planned.

In December 2011, Brooke was busted for possession of cocaine in Aspen, Colorado. After pleading guilty to one count of possession in March 2012, she was sentenced to a year’s worth of probation by the judge. Apparently the judge felt that continuing her probation for the full sentence was good enough — so she’s done!

Her attorney Yale Galanter recently met with prosecutors on the case and they all agreed that it has been long enough for Brooke. They all talked it through and decided that Brooke wasn’t breaking any laws and so her supervised probationary period is over and done with.

The judge in the case made the ruling official last week, after finding that Brooke has been obeying all laws and has been conducting herself responsibly. The former wife of the actor has been in rehab a number of times for various substance abuse problems, with the most recent time being 2012. The case is set tobe expunged from her record this May if she keeps up the good work.

We’re so sure that Charlie didn’t buy her way out of trouble on this one. (Enter sarcasm here.)

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