BRUCE JENNER Shows Off Lovely Ombre Hair In New Photos

BRUCE JENNER Shows Off Lovely Ombre Hair In New Photos

Hey, remember when Bruce Jenner was young and wrinkle-free and looked like a man? Yeah, neither does he. Most recently, Bruce has been looking like he’s going through a transformation of sorts. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but some are calling it into question because of what they think he’s becoming. The internet has been flooded with questions such as “Is Bruce Jenner becoming a woman?” and the such — and so we must take guesses because he won’t address the rumor mill.

We don’t think Bruce is actually trying to become a woman, per se. He has probably taken a good hard look at his family and the price that they’ve placed on their worth because of their looks and quite possibly wants to achieve the same things. Kim and Khloe Kardashian as well as Kris Jenner have obviously had work done and so it would seem that this is a logical thing to undergo in this family if you want to stay rich and famous and fit in.

Bruce was said to have always cared to some extent about his outward appearance — something that seems to be contradicted nowadays considering the amount of plastic surgeries that he has undergone. He probably feels that the plastic surgeries have worked for his estranged wife and they should also work for him. What’s funny is that in the end, they will both look like haggard, facially distorted grandmas. To see Bruce’s lovely new locks, click here.


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