Bruce Jenner – The Diane Sawyer Interview – Live Recap

Bruce Jenner - The Diane Sawyer Interview - Live Recap

Tonight at 9PM EST, former Olympian Bruce Jenner sits down with Diane Sawyer for a blockbuster interview on ABC. The two-hour special is titled Bruce Jenner – The Interview. It’s Jenner’s first real interview since the news of his transition was first made public. The only thing remaining to be seen is whether or not Sawyer will ask the hard-hitting questions about Bruce Jenner’s transition.

What she should ask is when Jenner knew that he felt like a woman for the first time. She should also ask him about how it felt to be married to three different women in his life – knowing that he didn’t actually feel like he was in the right body.

What we also want to know is whether or not his ex-wife Kris Jenner was actually supportive of his decision to transition into a woman following the destruction of their marriage. At the age of 65-years-old, Bruce Jenner is making a huge change in his life and we all want to know is whether or not he is actually happy now that the news is out there in the world.

Bruce Jenner’s transition first made headlines last year when he filed for divorce from Kris Jenner. Afterward, there were rumors making the rounds that he was dating her best friend Ronda Kamihira. They were pictured out and about together, but he denied that anything was going on between them. Even before that, Kris addressed reports that Bruce was transforming into a woman and had been wearing women’s clothing, but she called the rumors ridiculous. We aren’t sure what Bruce Jenner is going to say during the interview or if Diane Sawyer will ask the right questions of him.

Stay tuned for our official live recap of Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer. We will update this post as the interview airs. Refresh frequently for the latest information after 9PM EST!


Bruce tells Diane that he’s been thinking about how he is going to tell his story. Through tears, Bruce states that it’s important that they keep their sense of humor through this process. He says, “Bruce Jenner is confused about his gender identity since he was younger.”

He tried to explain it to his kids by saying God’s looking down, making little Bruce. He made him smart and determined with all of these qualities. He said God gave him the soul of a female and he hates the term being stuck in another gender’s body. His brain feels more female than male. He said that he has lived a lie and he doesn’t want to do that anymore. He took his ponytail out and he said that for all intents and purposes, he is a woman. He still has his male parts, but he identifies as female – despite how hard it is to say.

Looking back at an Olympic winning photo of himself, he said that he sees a confused person. He says he wants people to know that he will identify as a woman and still kick butt.

He chuckles at the idea of a gender change to promote Keeping Up With The Kardashians and he isn’t doing this for the publicity. He said that he is going to make a difference and do some good in the world. KUDOS BRUCE.

This is the last interview he will do as “Bruce” and he will reemerge as “her” – because as Bruce, he feels like he’s living a lie. At a young age, Bruce put on a dress and hid it from his family. He said at the time he didn’t know why he was doing it, except that it made him feel good.

He reveals that he was never attracted to guys and that was totally different from what he was going through. During his training for the Olympics, he blocked everything out and tried to convince himself of his masculinity.

A year into his marriage to his first wife Chrystie, he told her his secret that he likes to cross-dress. He said most women think they can fix that. He says that he is not gay and as far as he knows, he’s heterosexual and hasn’t been with a woman. After marrying Linda Thompson and having two children, they tried therapy, but she realized it wasn’t something they could fix or “pray away”. Back in the eighties, he was started on hormones for five years.

His sister Pam revealed the moment he told her what he was going through. Growing up, she had no idea that he felt like a girl and dressed up in her clothes when they were younger.

He told his mother and she questioned whether or not it was her fault. In the eighties, he lost his nerve and thought about the “public spectacle”. Since he was on hormones and a “solid 36-B something”, he told his wife Kris Jenner, but he downplayed it. She saw him dressed as a woman, but she didn’t know how deep it went. From the start, he said he faked it even though their reality show.

Bruce said he loved Kris, he had a wonderful life with her and he learned a lot from her. He and his family did 420 episodes of the show, but he kept thinking to himself “Oh my God, the one real true story in the family was the one I was hiding” and “he couldn’t tell his story.”

The night of his tracheal shave, he paced the floor with his heart pounding after the news leaked. He thought of shooting himself and going to a better place, but thought better of it. He wants to know how his story ends. Kris Jenner had no comment, while Linda Thomas was supportive along with his first wife Chrystie Scott.

He reveals that he was terrified to tell his children because they were the only ones he was concerned with. He said that he couldn’t let himself hurt them. He tried to explain to them that a lot of their upbringing was “her” as much as it was him, but he’s not going anywhere and will always be there for him. He told Brandon first because of his gentle and wonderful soul.

Brandon spoke to Diane about the life his father wanted to live and he saw little clues. When his father told him that he felt the need to transition, he said he felt like he was getting an upgraded version of his dad. He’s not handling it perfectly, but he is doing his best to cope with it.

All four of Bruce’s older children talked to Diane and said they were supportive and “it all made sense”. His daughter said that Bruce still called himself “dad” to them.

He told Kim Kardashian first because she caught him in a dress. She walked out, jumped in the car and went for a ride. After some articles about his situation surfaced online, he gave her details and felt much better. When he brought the subject up again, she said she thought it was one of those subjects she couldn’t talk about.

One time Kylie and Kendall caught him on camera in a dress. After that, he told all of the Kardashian siblings about his transition. He said that Khloe took it harder than the others, but she was very emotional. He said that Kourtney was only concerned about her children. Kim revealed to Bruce that Kanye really turned her around on his situation. He said that Kim has been the most accepting and told him “Girl you gotta rock it, baby. You gotta look really good, you’re representing the family.”

Bruce reveals that he is a conservative Republican, but he would ask politicians to champion his cause. He had a revelation that maybe God put him on the earth to deal with this situation.

Soon he says that he will emerge as himself. With regard to whether or not people have the right to ask, he said it depends on how they ask. He has been back on hormones for a year and a half. He reveals sexual reassignment surgery is down the line.

He isn’t thinking about marriage right now and just wants to have a free soul and a lot of great friends. He wants to enjoy life and will cross those roads down the line. He is asexual for now, but says that he will learn a lot this year and is excited for the future.

His mother Esther said that she never thought she could be prouder than she was when he was in Montreal, but she is learning to be. Bruce said his father was a wonderful human being, but it would’ve been tough for him. He would’ve wanted to hear that his father loves him.

He said to everyone watching, please be open-minded and he’s not this bad person. He’s just doing what he has to do.

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