Bruce Jenner’s Crossdressing Rumors

Bruce Jenner's Crossdressing Rumors

Yesterday, we unveiled the latest cover of Star magazine, showing former Olympian Bruce Jenner with the alleged quotes from Kris that he wants to be a woman. Now, we have the full scoop from the print edition of the magazine.

It doesn’t really matter to us if Bruce cross-dresses or really wants to change his sex in order to become a woman, but it seems like a total low-blow by Kris’ team to stoop this low. These kinds of rumors could quite possibly be the start of a divorce war, don’t you think?

Star reports that Kris caught Bruce partying it up on multiple occasions with younger men. An insider reveals to the magazine that there is more to Kris and Bruce’s split than just that. A source said, “Bruce has a feminine side. He likes growing his hair out, likes getting manicures and pedicures and won’t leave his house without diamond earrings. And he’s obsessed with plucking his eyebrows!”

The snitch added, “Kris has told Bruce that she will reveal his secret if he doesn’t go along with her plans about their split for their show.”

What do you think they are hiding from the world? Are you that interested in Bruce’s life and whatever happens behind close doors in the Jenner home? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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