Bruce Jenner’s New Wacky Role In ‘The Hungover Games’

Bruce Jenner's New Wacky Role In 'The Hungover Games'

1976 Olympic Decathlon Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner has always been on the laughing end when it comes to social media perception. He has landed a very interesting role in an upcoming film. The Hungover Games is a new flick that makes fun of previous motion pictures The Hangover and The Hunger Games.

Jenner will be sporting a trendy wig, arched eyebrows, and blue lipstick. He will play the role of a futuristic sports announcer that straddles the line of sanity and insanity. Jenner will be a play-by-play co-anchor who will exhibit a brash and intriguing personality that will make you laugh.

Jenner’s acting career began over thirty years ago. He appeared in six exclusive episodes of Chips, Grambling’s White Tiger, and a unique theater production project that featured The Village People. Jenner has always performed well in the past, but this will probably be his most memorable role on the big screen.

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