Bruce Jenner’s Sons Blast ‘Woman’ Photos

Bruce Jenner's Sons Blast 'Woman' Photos

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding whether or not former Olympian Bruce Jenner is making the transition into a woman. Just recently, Bruce appeared in drag on the front cover of In Touch Weekly with fully Photoshopped makeup placed upon the body of Stephanie Beacham. You can see In Touch’s Bruce Jenner cover here. Now, his sons Brandon and Brody Jenner are sticking up for their father over the highly insensitive pictures.

Bruce’s sons are particularly angry over the pictures in the magazine, but are standing by their father. A source revealed, “The magazine cover didn’t come as a surprise to the brothers, but they both feel it’s very insensitive to the LGBT community. Both Brandon and Brody are both very strong supporters of LGBT people. They’re standing by their dad through this.”

The source went on to say, “In the meantime, Brandon and Brody will continue to support their dad, and if he does indeed make the transition to being a woman, their feelings for him won’t change.”

Kris Jenner was reportedly outraged at the idea of placing Bruce’s picture in full makeup on the cover of the tabloid and called it “mean” when speaking to her close friends. A source previously said, “It’s just mean to do whether or not it’s true.”

Another spy close to the situation said, “He [Bruce] doesn’t even pay attention to this stuff.”

If Bruce Jenner paid attention to any of the magazine’s proclamations about his sexuality, then he certainly may have grounds for a defamation lawsuit. What do you think?

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