Bruce Jenner’s Transition: Kris Jenner Drunk Dials Him

Bruce Jenner's Transition: Kris Jenner Drunk Dials Him

Bruce Jenner’s womanly transformation has apparently hit his ex-wife Kris Jenner like a ton of bricks. She hasn’t taken too kindly to the man of whom she married 23 years ago turning himself into a woman and naturally, she is making his transition all about herself.

Kris Jenner has yet to speak publicly about Bruce Jenner’s transition, but behind closed doors she isn’t happy about it at all. On Wednesday night, Kris drunk dialed Bruce and claimed that his transition was all about ruining her reputation. Ugh. Seriously.

A source revealed, “Kris called Bruce after 9pm and sounded like she had been drinking. She was slurring her words. Kris said she’s endured several weeks of negative press about her reaction to Bruce’s big sex change announcement, and she wants him to issue a statement insisting that she has been supportive. Bruce is refusing to do so because Kris has been quite the opposite.”

Good on Bruce for not backing down on his feelings about how she’s been taking the news. The source said, “Kris seems to think Bruce has a secret vendetta against her for being so successful, and that he is attempting to ruin her reputation. This reaction isn’t surprising at all for Bruce, because Kris always makes everything about her. Kris has even instructed her daughter Kylie to not mention Bruce’s name in her house!”

It’s not really that shocking that Kris would react so negatively to something that is so clearly not about her. She is a self-centered person and only cares about how things will affect her reputation as opposed to being there and being supportive of someone of whom she’s shared a good portion of her life. Without Bruce Jenner, Kris wouldn’t be anywhere near where she is today.

Bruce Jenner’s womanly transformation: What is your say on the topic? Hit the comments below and let us know your thoughts!

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