Buckcherry Frontman Josh Todd to replace Steven Tyler in Aerosmith?

josh_todd_replacing_steven_tylerEven though it’s been said that the guys in Aerosmith are not breaking up, Steven Tyler might be on hiatus from the band for an entire two years.

Joe Perry has said that the band still wants to play, so they may be looking around for replacements. In a new poll, “Rolling Stone” asked its readers who should replace the aged rocker. The readers responded that Buckcherry’s frontman, Josh Todd, would be an adequate replacement.

Here are their top five replacement selections:

1. Josh Todd (Buckcherry)
2. David Johansen (New York Dolls)
3. David Lee Roth
4. Iggy Pop
5. Adam Lambert

I don’t think anyone would be able to replace Steven Tyler. He’s unique, old school, and classic. To replace that would take away from the band’s signature sound. What do you think?

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