Bye Bye Phil Stacey & Chris Richardson

Last night, American Idol said good-bye to two of the contestants as both Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson were voted off the show.

Head over to votefortheworst and help them decide who’s next:

God, this season is awful. We lost our Undead Prince, probably because so many Worsters have completely tuned out (can’t say we blame them, the show has lost all of its spark without Sanjaya). But hey, we still haven’t had a single shocking elimination all season, so let’s try to make it happen! Why are the producers settling for such a terrible show this year? Help us decide whether to vote for LaKisha or Blake here. Do we vote for the worst of the divas, or do we vote for Mr. Grandpa Pants? Sure, it’s nowhere near as fun, but let us know your opinion! We miss you, Phil, thanks for the fun!

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