Carly Rose Sonenclar Sings ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ On The X Factor USA (VIDEO)

Carly Rose Sonenclar Sings 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' On The X Factor USA (VIDEO)

Up next on “The X Factor USA” stage is teen singing sensation Carly Rose Sonenclar. She is performing her own rendition of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, which she is dedicating to her brother. In case you’ve missed part of the show, we are recapping it live here. Carly Rose is dedicating her performance to If you have missed some part of tonight’s show you can read our full recap here.

Judges’ commentary:

L.A. said “Wow, girl”. He referred to her as a force of nature and she was pulling out the big guns. She only needed one big note, but she pulled out two. Demi said she doesn’t believe her when she says she is only 13. She is just amazing and will be around in the music industry for the rest of her life. Simon said he has heard that song a lot of times, but that was the best he’s heard. He thinks she’s going to be number one next week and has blown this competition wide open. Britney said she can’t get over the fact that she’s only thirteen and she was amazing.

Was this the best performance of the show tonight? Is Carly who you’re rooting for to win it all? Hit the comments below and let us know your thoughts.

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