Casey Anthony Hiding In California?

Casey Anthony Hiding In California?

There has been much speculation surrounding the location of accused murderer Casey Anthony.

She was released from jail on Sunday, and it was said that she went to visit her aunt and uncle in Columbus, Ohio. Now, we’re hearing reports that she has actually fled to Carlsbad, California.

Either way, she surely is laying low, as the public is already forming a lynch mob type attitude against her. Rightfully so, however, because the entire world thinks that she’s guilty for murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee.

People reports:

Tracking the ownership of the Pilatus PC-12 private jet that whisked Anthony, 25, out of Orlando to points unknown last Sunday morning, NBC News pointed to California attorney Todd Macaluso, who at one point had been a member of Casey’s defense team and had given her $70,000.

Macaluso’s firm maintains an office at the Palomar Airport in Carlsbad. Its private plane, says the firm’s website, “enables us to travel anywhere within the United States in seven hours.”

Is she hiding out there in hopes for a book or movie deal? We’re still on the Boycott Casey Anthony train, so we won’t go near anything she publishes to enrich herself from her daughter’s death. Will you?

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