Casey Anthony Ordered To Pay $100,000 For Investigation

Casey Anthony Ordered To Pay $100,000 For Investigation

Casey Anthony was acquitted for the murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t repercussions to the murder trial.

She was rumored to be doing an interview, and while some outlets chimed in to pay top dollar, she declined. Her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, talked to Dr. Phil recently, where they defended themselves.

Now, we’ve learned that a Florida judge has ordered Casey to pay almost $100,000 in law enforcement costs with regard to the investigation of the death of little Caylee.

Prosecutors, along with law enforcement agencies were looking for her to pay $500,000, but the judge in the case ruled that she would only have to pay roughly $100,000. The investigation cost so much because she allegedly lied to the cops about a babysitter kidnapping her daughter. Later, the police found that the babysitter didn’t exist, but the investigation drained manpower and resources.

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