Casey Anthony Prop Halloween Mask Sells For $999,900.00

Casey Anthony Halloween Mask For Sale On Ebay (Photo)

Yesterday, we brought you the news that an eBay seller by the name of Prophunter was selling a latex Casey Anthony mask. As it turns out, the mask actually sold for a whopping $999,900.00! Wow, what?!?

As of the auction’s close, there were 105 bids on the mask. We’re left wondering if that was actually a legitimate bid or if people nefariously hiked up the bidding to ensure that no one would profit from Caylee Anthony’s untimely death.

We’ve reached out to Prophunter in hopes of a response, so stay tuned…

In the meantime, other eBayers have popped up with similar items. Per one of the seller’s descriptions:

Halloween enthusiast your wait is over . I have the Casey Anthony cloned face 100% latex,Very Scary . Not just for halloween you can hang this peice right where its need to be. Lol.. ok beside the jokes. Sculpted by SketchArtist, 1 of 5.. very rare to find collectors peice.This mask is so realistic you will be scared to wear it.Hand made movie prop quality ,not cheap .Form fitting, flexible will fit almost all ..Full Head mask .I’m only given access to two and one is for sale. Thanks for creeping by, goes to one happy halloweener

And another:

100% Original Casey Anthony Face Mask. Pure Latex. One of a kind, there’s only 1 made. Scariest mask ever. Perfect for Halloween or for a Collector. 2nd mask of Casey Anthony ever sold to the public!!! First sold for $1 million dollars. Made by Movie Studio Effects Company. Contact me for buy-it-now price. I reserve the right to end the auction early if I sell it offline. Happy Bidding.

How many of these are going to keep popping up? Is this something you could see yourself wearing for Halloween?

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