Casey Anthony Released From Jail!

Casey Anthony Released From Jail!

Accused murderer Casey Anthony was released today, after serving time for lying to police officers. She was acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges on July 5, 2011.

Casey was found guilty of four counts of lying to authorities, and received a year in prison for each offense. She has been released as of a little after midnight last night, after being escorted out of Orange County Jail in Orlando, Florida, by her attorney, Jose Baez.

Rumor has it that Casey is actually headed for Columbus, Ohio. TMZ has the scoop:

The Columbus PD tells TMZ … they have a Special Duty program, which allows people in their fine city to hire off duty cops for protection, and that’s what Casey would have to do if she wants someone to guard her from the angry mob.

We’re told, however, if there is a specific, real threat … the PD would treat her the way they would anyone else and provide appropriate protection, without cost.

Should she get protection from the police? What do you think?

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