Casey Anthony To Live In Disguise After Release?

Casey Anthony To Live In Disguise?

Casey Anthony is reportedly considering various disguises as she gets released on July 17th. A source close to her says that she is thinking about altering her appearance.

A source said, “There even have been discussions about cosmetic surgery, but Casey has rejected that out of hand. Casey really does not completely understand the depth of hatred out there.”

The source went on to reveal, “She’s fully aware of the various death threats, of course, but she thinks that’s isolated to relatively few nutcases.”

She’s also said to be leaving for a secret location where she will live. Only a few people are said to know of its location and expects to live under a new identity, which the source said is “almost as if she was living in a witness protection-like program”.

Maybe she should just move out of the country? I mean, one of the anonymous jurors in the case has already fled Florida for fear of death threats, perhaps Casey needs to completely relocate and hopefully never have children ever again.

What do you think?

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