Casey Anthony’s Parents Claim She Has Seizures?

Casey Anthony's Parents Claim She Has Seizures?

George and Cindy Anthony are set to appear for their interview with Dr. Phil on September 12, 2011. In that interview, they claimed that they had some new evidence that the courts didn’t hear.

At the end of August, George and Cindy were hyping up their appearance on the show:

Casey Anthony’s parents are finally opening up about what REALLY happened to their granddaughter — revealing NEW information that could have changed the outcome of the case … at least that’s what Dr. Phil wants you to believe.

The good doc has released his first promo for his tell-all interview with George and Cindy Anthony — and though neither one of them utters a word during the 30 second spot … Phil seems pretty excited about some new “information” that he claims America has never heard before.

Now, a source has revealed that they might be claiming that Casey suffers from grand mal seizures and that she could have been incapacitated while her daughter Caylee was drowning in the family’s swimming pool. TMZ has more:

Casey Anthony’s parents reportedly have a brand new theory in the death of their granddaughter — suggesting Casey may have been incapacitated from a seizure while Caylee was drowning in “the swimming pool incident.”

According to, Cindy and George Anthony revealed their theory to Dr. Phil during their recent sit-down interview.

Cindy reportedly told Phil that Anthony suffered gran mal seizures in 2005 and 2008 — and suggested that the seizures may be symptomatic of a condition that could make it difficult to “sort fact from fiction.”

We think her ability to lie makes it difficult to sort fact from fiction. What do you think?

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