Castle Preview – 47 Seconds (Video)

Castle Preview - 47 Seconds (Video)

Tonight at 10PM EST on ABC is an all new episode of the crime drama Castle — and this is going to be a good one!

Tonight’s episode, titled 47 Seconds, we will see the crime fighting duo try to recreate all of the events that led up to a bombing. In order to capture the perpetrator, they will end up creating the 47 seconds prior to the time that the bomb went off.

However, when they actually catch the bomber, Kate gives her secret away. If you’re just catching the show and need a refresher, in the show’s third season finale, Kate was shot while at the podium at Captain Montgomery’s funeral. Rick holds her and tells her that he loves her and everything faded to black. In the fourth season’s premiere episode, we learn that Kate tells Rick that she didn’t remember anything about the shooting whatsoever. Later on in the same episode, Kate is talking to her therapist about remembering everything about the shooting.

Now that we’re all caught up, here’s what goes down on tonight’s episode that has us scratching our heads about the fate about Rick and Kate’s relationship. He overhears her questioning the suspect and when he says he doesn’t remember anything about the bombing, she tells him that when she was shot in the chest, she remembered every second of it.


Is Rick questioning her motives in not revealing that she heard him sooner?

Show creator Andrew Marlowe said, “It does make Castle and Beckett start questioning what they’re doing in life. The victims had plans…and then suddenly their lives were over. So it makes you think: ‘Should I wait or should I act now?’ Those thoughts are definitely on their minds.”

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