Castle Recap: Season 4 Episode 15 Pandora 2/13/12

Castle Recap: Season 4 Episode 15 Pandora 2/13/12

It’s an all new episode of Castle tonight as the show prepares for a two-parter! This episode is titled Pandora and features Jennifer Beals as someone who has a past with Rick. Uh oh! Does that spell drama for our crime fighting duo?

ABC’s official synopsis:

Castle and Beckett discover the killer they are pursuing is part of an international conspiracy and they must work with a CIA agent with whom Castle has a history.

Jennifer plays CIA operative Sophia Turner, who helps out with the investigation. Sophia isn’t just any CIA agent, either. She is Rick’s old muse! You didn’t think Kate was his first and only inspiration, did you?

In a new interview, Jennifer said, “I think it certainly complicates things a bit, because it’s another person that [Kate] didn’t know about. And I think it’s probably a more important person because there was enough about this person that was interesting that he decided to put it into a character. So that might be problematic in some ways.”

Of whether or not their relationship turned romantic, Jennifer said, “You’ll get to find out.”

FYI, the second part of the two-parter is called Linchpin and it will air next Monday on ABC at 10PM EST.

Stay tuned for our official recap of the show. We will be providing you with live updates as the show airs, so keep refreshing for the latest.

Update: We’ll be recapping the show HERE!

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