Castle Review: ‘Till Death Do Us Part’

Castle Review: 'Till Death Do Us Part'

If you were as excited as we were for the return of our favorite crime fighting and writing duo, then you must have seen all of the tension between Rick Castle and Kate Beckett last night on Castle!

In case you’ve missed out on the best episode of the year so far, you can check out our recap of the show at this link. This post obviously contains spoilers, so avert your eyes if you have yet to see the show.

Last night’s episode was titled, Till Death Do Us Part and at the end, we got to see tidbits of Kevin’s wedding to Jenny. What threatened Kevin’s wedding was the fact that their murder victim, Michael Bailey, had a journal of conquests — and her picture was in it. What made that worse was the fact that she was dating Kevin at the time.

It was a twist, that’s for sure! But, alas, Jenny told Kevin the low-down on the romp and he seemed pretty okay with it. In fact, he told the gang that they weren’t exclusive at the time.

And in the end, Kate and Rick went to the wedding as each other’s plus one. We didn’t actually find out what happened to Kate’s date, but do we really care?!? They were together AND holding hands!

The funniest part of the episode was Rick asking Kate for her “number” — as if she’d tell him that! Men. What was your favorite part of last night’s show? Sound off in the comments, we wanna know.

Stay tuned, the Earsucker and Tragicomical teams will be providing you with the best Castle coverage out there — every week!

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