Castle Season 4 Episode 3 ‘Head Case’ Synopsis & Live Recap 10/3/11

Castle Season 4 Episode 3 ‘Head Case’ Synopsis & Live Recap 10/3/11

In episode three of Castle’s fourth season, titled Head Case, Rick and Kate are confronted with the scene of a murder, but there’s one thing missing, the victim!

From ABC’s official synopsis for episode three, titled, Head Case, which airs on October 3, 2011:

Gunshots, a fleeing van and a massive blood pool all point to murder, but when Castle & Beckett arrive at the crime scene, they discover that it lacks something – the victim! The investigation leads to the cutting-edge world of life-extension science, a cunning high-tech researcher, and a sleazy porn mogul who invested in a modern-day “fountain of youth.” Meanwhile, Alexis finds out whether she got into Stanford.

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The show opens with a murder scene and blood splatter, but no victim. Rick is talking to his mother and looks at his daughter’s letter from Stanford. She didn’t get in, even though she picked out her classes and bought t-shirts.

Rick and Kate arrive on the scene of a crime, but there’s no body. There was an unmarked white van that could’ve moved the body. Esposito said the cause of death was gunshots.

They’re running tire tread analysis, and the victim was a man who bled out, but was moved from the scene. They’ve located the white van and it has blood stains on it. They found a warehouse that contains frozen people in chambers.

They are a cryonics lab, who gets notification when the victims’ pulse stops. They freeze them to preserve them until a cure is found. They said the victim was shot twice and it wasn’t a random mugging. They need to find out what was in the briefcase. His wife doesn’t want to release the body to the police, because he would be “gone forever”.

His Ambrosia project research was in the briefcase, which would extend the human life span. Beau Randolph is their suspect and he lost billions after Hamilton (the victim) decided to put the research on the internet.

The cops are questioning Beau about the murder. He said that Hamilton was doing illegal testing and his patients are used to needles. Kate tells him that they know his gun was fired that morning. He said that he shot at some pigeons.

Kate said they need the body now that they have a suspect. The cryonics guys said the cops can have his body, but they want to keep his head.

Randolph’s gun doesn’t match up with the bullets fired into Hamilton. Rick goes to tend to Alexis, while Ryan and Esposito are talking about the case. Esposito brought him a dead pigeon, which shows he wasn’t lying.

Eddie Peck may have stolen the research for his father’s company. He’s being questioned by Ryan and Esposito. He didn’t kill Hamilton. He’s telling them that he only begged Hamilton to change his grade from an F. He offered to change it to an A if he never told anyone about the seedy hotel he was going into.

Ryan and Esposito are investigating his hotel room and they’ve found a zipped in room with surgical supplies.

Back at Rick’s house, Alexis is tossing out all of her trophies because she feels like a failure for not getting into Stanford. She doesn’t know how to move on from that.

Lester Hamilton was having the procedures done on him. The cops now need his head. His head is missing from the cryo chamber!

Lester’s wife is having a fit about his head being missing. Kate is accusing the Cryogenics guy of murdering Lester. He said there must have been a break in at the cryo facility. Whoever broke in stole Lester Hamilton’s head. The footage shows Dr. Boyd making off with the head.

They go to his apartment and he escapes on the fire escape, but drops the head into a dumpster. Kate and Rick chase him down and she jumps on him. Rick jumps into the dumpster to retrieve the head. Dr. Boyd says he didn’t kill him, he only wanted to save his life.

Dr. Boyd said Lester came to him saying that he had tumors in his head, but he tried to save him. He said Lester wasn’t getting better and only had a few months to live. His treatment had failed.

If Lester would’ve lived longer, his brain would’ve been ravaged by the tumors and he wouldn’t been able to be revived (in the future?) Did his wife shoot him???

She denied shooting him and said she didn’t have any knowledge of the tumor. Kate told her they found his briefcase with traces of his blood on it. Confession time! She said she needed to protect their future and their eternity together.

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