Castle Season 4 Premiere Episode 1 ‘Rise’ Recap 9/19/11

Castle Season 4 Premiere Episode 1 'Rise' Recap 9/19/11

Season four of Castle makes its premiere tonight! Earsucker will be recapping the show from beginning to end, as we find out what happens to Kate Beckett and Rick Castle’s proclamation of love for her. Read our season three finale recap here.

Recapping the last episode of season three, we saw Kate at the Captain’s funeral service where she gets shot. As Rick leans over her, he tells her that he loves her. Then it’s fade to black as Kate’s fate is left hanging in the balance.

From the official summary for season four’s premiere episode, Rise:

In a riveting opening that picks up just moments after last season’s climactic finale, Detective Beckett fights for her life as Castle, plagued by guilt over his role in the events, struggles to uncover who’s behind her brutal shooting. Meanwhile, back at the precinct, Ryan and Esposito have to adjust, as Victoria “Iron” Gates becomes the precinct’s new uncompromising Captain.

Will Kate come to and realize that Rick said he loved her? Will she recover? How will the detectives deal with the new Captain?

Stay tuned as we liveblog the events of tonight’s show!

The show opens with paramedics rushing Kate into the hospital to save her life. Her boyfriend, Josh, is there, working to save her life. Her blood is spilling all over the place and he’s going to operate on her.

The shooter left his gun behind and they are running it for prints. Kate’s father has shown up at the hospital. Rick is blaming himself for what happened to Kate. He said he put her in the crosshairs. He also revealed to his mother that he told her how he felt. Kate is flat-lining…..

The doctors told Kate’s father that she suffered from cardiac arrest and she’s resting.

Back at the precinct, they are telling Rick that the gun belonged to a Navy Seal who died years ago. Rick said the Captain sacrificed himself to keep Kate safe, so he’s not sure why they’re still going after her.

Rick is taking flowers to see Kate in the hospital, but Josh is already there with her in recovery. Awkward! He said he thought he would never see her again. She said she heard he tried to save her. She doesn’t remember him tackling her, but only remembers being at the podium and everything going black. She doesn’t remember him saying that he loves her. UGH. THIS SHOW.

Kate has made her return to the precinct to a standing ovation. It’s been two months and her co-workers are asking why she’s there. They’re telling her that they got DNA off of the weapon. She said she hasn’t seen Rick since the shooting. Apparently the new Captain, Victoria “Iron” Gates kicked Rick to the curb.

Kate goes to the Captain and gets reinstated. She wants her gun and the Captain says she has to re-qualify. They are already butting heads over the investigation of her own shooting. Kate wants her gun!

Rick has the files on the money trail and they’re telling her not to get caught because they could all lose their badges. Ryan and Esposito are looking into a new case without Kate.

Rick is doing a book signing for his new novel, Heat Rises. He appears to be going through the motions…when Kate comes to the signing. He meets her outside and he’s angry that she didn’t call for three months. She broke up with Josh. Opportunity is knocking!

She said they broke up, but she really, really liked him — but that wasn’t enough. She said after her mother died, she built up a wall inside. She says she won’t have the kind of relationship she wants until she puts this thing to rest. Rick agrees to help her find the guys. She wants to read the report on the warehouse fire. He’s sure that the new Captain will take him back.

She said if he screws up on her watch, she’ll prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. The Captain says she will bury Kate if they embarrass her like that again. She’s asking for her gun back after re-qualifying.

Apparently the warehouse they’re looking into burned three weeks after her mother passed away. They’re going to try to get the investigation re-opened. Captain Gates has assigned Ryan, Esposito and Beckett to the Dale Landers case.

They ambush the location and Kate is faced with a gun in her face. She freezes. Ryan and Esposito rush to take the guy down as we see Kate’s hand shaking.

Rick is asking Kate about freezing when she was confronted by the gun man. She says it won’t happen again. She’s going to find out who burned down the warehouse.

Ryan and Esposito are grilling Dale over his girlfriend’s murder. He said he was setup and crashed and when he woke up there was blood everywhere and he had a gun in his hand. Ryan and Esposito are covering for Castle and Beckett.

They’re checking with the Fire Department about the warehouse fire. She’s asking about any suspicious activity with regard to the fire. She’s confronting Halstead and says that he’s lying about the report not being falsified. Ryan and Esposito are asking about why Dale stuck around after he was said to have murdered his girlfriend.

Rick and Kate are going over Halstead’s file on the warehouse fire. Rick is suggesting that maybe Halstead is not their guy and the fire was an accident. Kate says that he has to be lying, because if it was an accident, then she has no one.

Rick gets a call from a friend of Roy Montgomery’s regarding Kate, saying that they have to meet. Rick is talking to his mother about the files that the guy has and says that she has to leave the case alone. He can’t guarantee her safety if she gets involved in the investigation. Rick says he doesn’t want to lose her again.

At the precinct, he’s trying to convince Kate that they don’t have any leads and that she needs to give it time until she gets her bearings again. He promises her that they’re going to find them, but just not today.

Ryan and Esposito are saying that Dale and his girlfriend, Sonya, were both roofied. Kate said that the killer was in the apartment the whole time. The killer gave them a roofie and snuck back into his hiding place and they discover a blood stain around the killer’s body, after he hid under the bed.

They search the fingerprint database to find that it’s Dale’s bandmate, Yancy. He comes face to face with Kate, holding a gun. He’s telling her to stay back. She tells him she’ll have to put him down and to put the gun down. He listens and she breathes a sigh of relief. She arrests him.

Kate tells Rick thank you for having her back. She said it’s not enough, but it’ll do, for now. Back at Rick’s house, he tells his daughter that she’s right and he does need to grow up. Ashley is okay with him helping Kate, because she makes him happy.

Kate is talking to her therapist. She tells him that she lied before and she remembers everything about the shooting. Nice twist!

Good show! Can’t wait for next week!

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