Cee Lo Green: ‘X Factor’ Should Worry About ‘The Voice’

Cee Lo Green: 'X Factor' Should Worry About 'The Voice'

The Voice judge Cee Lo Green thinks that the X Factor USA bosses should be concerned about competition from his show. He said that he’s not worried about the competing show because they are just “completely different”. Does Simon Cowell have something to worry about from competing talent shows? Or is there room enough for all of them?

In a new interview on The Tonight Show, Cee Lo said, “The premises of each show are just completely different. I think if anybody should be concerned, it’s them.”

Yes, they are different shows, but they are all similar. Between The X Factor, American Idol and The Voice, they all aim to find the next big star. So in all actuality, they are not that different. The differentiating factor is basically the format of each show.

One offers a million dollar contract for its winner, while another a five million dollar record deal and the last receiving one hundred thousand dollars and a recording contract.

When the third season of The Voice airs, it will compete directly with The X Factor USA. Which will you be tuning into? Also, we haven’t heard as to whether or not Adam Levine will be returning for the show’s third season, as it might conflict with his Maroon 5 schedule. Stay tuned as details become available on The Voice’s third season.

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