Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller getting back together?

Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller getting back together?

We have heard rumblings that Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Brooke Mueller were considering getting back together. This had us wondering why she would want to take back the crazy in her life?!??

According to reports, Brooke’s mother Moira Fiore said, “They’re talking about it constantly, and Brooke has been saying she and Charlie are trying to get back together.”

So how does that explain his recent shenanigans with “paid escorts”???

A source close to Brooke’s family said, “Charlie and Brooke talk and I think everything is still friendly between them, but I’m sure it’s for the sake of the boys. They are not together as far as I know. Moira’s comments were taken out of context.”

I can’t say that I would blame her for not wanting to get back together with him. Besides all of that, hasn’t he been a little busy in Las Vegas with adult film stars?

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