Charlie Sheen has no morals

Charlie Sheen has no morals

There’s a good reason why the head honchos over at Two And A Half Men don’t replace Charlie Sheen over his drug and hooker smorgasbord, he has no morals clause in his contract!

The morals clause would allow the producers of the show to axe him if he does anything that would reflect negatively on the show. But, because no such clause exists in Charlie’s contract, he’s protected. He could hump the entire Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad while swimming in a mountain of various drugs while killing kittens and they couldn’t fire him.

TMZ reports:

Cocaine and prostitutes would probably meet the criteria for giving C.S. the boot, but sources say Charlie is telling everyone, “That’s my personal life. My contract protects me. They can’t fire me.”

Charlie is saying he wants to go back to work next week, but we’re told the show cannot fire back up that quickly.

That’s just insane!

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