Charlie Sheen is ‘winning’ in new Funny Or Die video

Charlie Sheen is 'winning' in new Funny Or Die skit

Charlie Sheen appears in a skit for in a tiger-striped chef’s hat, doling out WINNING RECIPES!

In the skit, Charlie prepares his recipes by willing them into existence. An inside source said, “The skit was produced as a way to remind people he know what everyone is thinking and he’s in on it, too.”

Another source said, “Charlie doesn’t want to do more press like last week — that was a moment in time for him. But while he’s dealing with the custody cases and the lawsuit, he needs to rethink some things about how to keep his fans happy. He’s an entertainer first.”

TMZ has more:

Sheen shot a video for the website today at his house. Mike Farah, President of Production for FOD, tells TMZ they approached Charlie with a script on Sunday and he was totally into the idea.

Farah tells us Charlie stuck to the script and even came up with several cool ideas — including the tiger-striped chef’s hat. Farah says Charlie was “very professional” throughout the shoot and seemed to really be into working with the crew.


We’ve heard that the video should hit the internet sometime tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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