Charlie Sheen tests positive for cocaine, says he’s fine

Charlie Sheen got drunk and reckless during a recent hotel stay in New York, while in town to visit with his children with ex-wife, Denise Richards.

He got high on cocaine, trashing a hotel room with a hooker, after discovering his wallet and cell phone were nowhere to be found. Radar Online reports that he was higher than a kite on coke:

“After that incident, a battery of tests were run on Sheen. He tested positive for cocaine,” the source told “And he’s only been out of rehab for two months.”

Interestly enough, even given that information, he wasn’t found in violation of his probation. But, not to worry, he says that he’s just fine.

Radar says that they got the exclusive interview with Charlie, but what they really got was only two text messages from the Two And A Half Men actor. In a post titled, EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Charlie Sheen Breaks Silence, Tells Radar: ‘Story Overblown & Overplayed’, they talk about the incident and what appears to be a statement from Charlie himself.

Charlie said, “Oh my man, I’m fine. The story is totally overblown and overplayed as far as the reality of the scenario. I know what went down and that’s where it will stay…under wraps.”


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