Charlie Sheen to avoid drug charges

Charlie Sheen to avoid drug charges

Charlie Sheen is dodging the bullet in his recent drug scandal!

According to reports, Charlie isn’t going to be charged for using cocaine, even though he was said to have a briefcase full of cocaine delivered to his mansion last week. The actor will not be prosecuted but the LAPD despite all of the people who have come forward to say that he was basically swimming in cocaine for 36 hours.

Reportedly, when 911 was called, the drugs were cleaned up before the L.A. City Fire Department responded to the 911 call for help. Officers are not looking into the alleged overdose because Charlie is not on probation for any previous crime or “engaged in another form of criminal activity.”

What? Since when is doing mountains of cocaine legal?

The porn star at the party, Kacey Jordan, said, “He did a ton of cocaine, the girls saying he snorts cocaine is a lie because Charlie Sheen only smokes cocaine, he loves to drink, first is the drinking until the point of oblivion and then comes the crack cocaine and he smokes that non-stop. The hernia story was just to protect the actual OD he had from cocaine use.”

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