Charlie Sheen To Return To ‘Two And A Half Men’?

Charlie Sheen To Return To 'Two And A Half Men'?

There are rumors circulating about that Charlie Sheen has asked to return to the popular sitcom “Two And A Half Men”. I

A few years back, Sheen left the show in abrupt blaze of infamy. So, with this said, why in God’s name would they want him back on the show? Especially being that the show is about to retire with only one season left to go. Why would they want him back? Sheen has requested to be in the very last show of the season finale for “Two And A Half Men”. Rumor has it that the show’s current star Ashton Kutcher could care less about him appearing on the final episode. Kutcher replaced Sheen in the series after Sheen was fired by Chuck Lorre. He has been playing the role of Walden Schmidt since that time.

In an interview that Sheen gave to “TV Guide”, he stated that he reached out to the show’s producers in a bid to let him appear in the last episode of the final finale. Sheen said that the studio has reached back out to him and were seemingly receptive to the idea.

Despite what Sheen appears to be saying, insiders have managed to confirm just the opposite. None of the producers from “Two And A Half Men” have been in communication with the actor. They have not even spoken to him about any future appearance on the show, even if he has reached out to them, like he professed to.

Sheen did star as Charlie Harper on the hit sitcom for a number of years. However, when he was handed his pink slip, he didn’t leave on the very best of terms with the show’s creator or the producers. Sheen made a lot of heated rants against the show’s creator Chuck Lorre and other executives back in 2011, before he was abruptly fired, and let go from his role on “Two And A Half Men”.

Charlie Sheen did move on from “Two And A Half Men” successfully. He has since shot 87 of the 100 episodes that was ordered from FX for the television show “Anger Management” which is seen on the FX network.

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