Charlie Sheen to seek custody of his twins?

Charlie Sheen to seek custody of his twins?

Brooke Mueller was scheduled for a mandatory drug test yesterday at 6PM PST, but she refused to undergo it. Reportedly, she had recently asked friends for clean urine samples. Now, we’re hearing reports that her ex, Charlie sheen, is set to go into court Tuesday to seek custody of their twins, Max and Bob.

RadarOnline reports:

The test was scheduled after RadarOnline reports about Mueller calling friends to ask them to provide drug-free urine. And Friday, a cocaine street dealer in crime-ridden Inglewood, Calif., told us he’d sold an “8-ball” of drugs to Mueller.

An anonymous snitch said, “Charlie will be going to court on Tuesday to address Brooke’s refusal to take the test. He may ask the court for the temporary custody of the boys if Mueller agrees to enter rehab. Charlie is concerned for Brooke, but his first priority is the boys and their safety.”

Who do you think should be awarded custody in this situation?

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