Charlie Sheen trespasser arrested!

Charlie Sheen trespasser arrested!

There was a metric ton of drama at Charlie Sheen’s house last night — drama that left one guy headed for a jail cell!

Cops were called last night after someone tipped off 911 that he was threatening to harm himself with a firearm. But the police officers came and only confiscated an antique gun and some bullets.

That wasn’t the worst part of the whole mess, though. Apparently, some guy tried to break into Charlie’s house! After they came and searched for weapons and left, cops received another 911 call stating that someone was trespassing on the actor’s property.

An 26-year-old Missouri man was taken from Charlie’s backyard and booked on suspicion of trespassing. His bail was set at $1,000.

Charlie’s attorney issued a statement about the first 911 call, with regard to the police raid. He said, “Somebody made some statement apparently to the LAPD, a reckless statement, about something with Charlie and guns. They properly did their job. They did an investigation….The only thing that they took with them…was a few bullets and a 1800s antique gun. Charlie will get them back in his possession at the appropriate time. But other than that, they didn’t seize anything. Someone had asked if they found any drugs. The answer is absolutely not.”

He also discussed rumors that the police were considering placing Charlie under an involuntary psychiatric hold. He added, “Anybody who’s saying that, anybody who’s implying that, couldn’t be more wrong.”

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