Charlie Sheen’s New Beer Commercial (Video)

Charlie Sheen's New Beer Commercial (Video)

When “winning warlock” Charlie Sheen isn’t pimping out Fiats, DirecTV or his new show Anger Management, he’s busy doing commercials for non-alcoholic beer! It’s a sort-of foul mouthed beer commercial, too, so if you’re at work, you may want to use your headphones.

Charlie has a sense of humor about all of his recent troubles with partying — as evidenced by his new commercial fro Bavaria non-alcoholic beer. In the video, Charlie is seen leaving a rehab clinic in California. After driving away, he notices a pregnant woman, a cab driver and some police officers all taking swigs from the beer. It’s almost if he’s in his own little world, right?

Charlie heads home to find a surprise party waiting there for him and everyone in attendance is holding a beer. Then, he learns that it’s non-alcoholic and grabs one right along with his pals.

Watch the commercial:

Do you think he’s getting good at poking fun at himself? Are you looking forward to his show when it airs on FX?

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