Charlie Sheen’s Rep Denies Hotel Raging Claims

Charlie Sheen's Rep Denies Hotel Raging Claims

We all know that Charlie Sheen is not a saint by any stretch of the imagination, so when the news hit the internet that the “warlock” trashed another hotel room, we all went about our business. Not that shocking considering that he was known for being crazy last year, so we just figured it was par for the course. This time, however, his rep has already issued a denial of the reports.

It was reported that Charlie was spending a family weekend with his ex-wife Denise Richards and made a return to his crazy ways. It’s not really that much out of the realm of possibility considering the fact that he admitted to not being sober, right?

He was trying to get his career back on track with his new show “Anger Management”, but could it be derailed by all of the reports that he should eat his own dog food? Over the weekend, it was said that Charlie turned his family stay at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Manhattan into one giant party.

A source revealed, “He totally trashed the hotel room! Escorts were seen coming and leaving. In the end, Charlie was told that he wasn’t welcome at another Ritz property ever again.”

Charlie’s manager has rushed to his defense, saying that Charlie was on his best behavior during the trip and only spent time with his daughters. The rep said, “It’s not true. I spoke to the hotel and there was no damage to the room. We checked out and everything was fine. There were no escorts. There was nothing.”

A PR spokesperson for the Ritz said that Charlie has not been banned from their hotels, adding, “There has been no issue there. Mr. Sheen is absolutely welcome in any Ritz-Carlton hotel in the portfolio.”

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