Chaz Bono Relied On Cher During Dancing With The Stars

Chaz Bono Relied On Cher During Dancing With The Stars

Chaz Bono has revealed that he relied on his mother, Cher’s tremendous support during his dancing days on Dancing With The Stars.

He struggled with an injury during the competition, but his mother helped him pull through. In a new interview, he said, “My mom was really into it. When you grow up with Cher as your mother – she’s the performer in the family. My relatives laughed and asked, ‘Do you dance.’ I had tremendous support from her. She got me through it, especially when I hurt my knee. I appreciate everything she does and gives me.”

Chaz went on to reveal that he grew so close to the other competitors on the show that he joked that they would all leave their current partners. He added, “I have become friends with David Arquette and J.R. Martinez and Nancy Grace. We are going to leave our spouses!”

We’re glad that he got through the show with the help of his mother, but we were bummed that he stayed on for so long. The man can’t dance! Sad, but true.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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