Chris Brown is nice to strippers

91013M6_BROWN_B-GR_05Apparently Chris Brown will give random strippers all of the courtesy in the world, but when it came to Rihanna, he was just violent. I guess he saves the kindness for those who matter to him.

Chris was at the Greenhouse when he was inundated by strippers. A source said, “When 86 gorgeous girls turned up, Chris Brown, who just happened to be there, looked delighted. And he has an eye for the Latinas.”

He was the perfect gentlemen, too. One stripper went to bat for Chris and said, “He was the perfect gentleman and very polite.”

Another dancer said, “He was talking to me but checking out all the other girls at the same time. He seemed fun but very flirtatious…it was clear he had to be on his best behavior, especially with regards to how he treats women.”

He’s still a woman beater. I hope the girls brought mace just in case.

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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