Chris Brown To Remain On Probation Over Rihanna Beating

Chris Brown wasn’t at his recent progress hearing over the beating of his former girlfriend, Rihanna, but despite getting high marks on his reviews, he’s to remain on probation.

He was arrested in 2009, following the pre-Grammys incident and was sentenced to five years of probation and 180 hours of community service. He was keeping up with his end of the deal, but expected to get off of probation early.

His lawyer requested that his probation be terminated, but it was ruled that he would continue to report to probation officials in Virginia. His probation officer revealed that he passed all of his required drug tests, completed an anger management course, has undergone domestic violence counseling and has completed his six months of required community service.

Do you think the court should have allowed him to be off of probation? Or are they just sticking the probationary period on him as long as possible because he didn’t do ANY jail time?

FYI, Chris Brown and Rihanna are gearing up to perform at Sunday’s Grammy Awards, although not together. Stay tuned!

Photo Credit: Greg Tidwell,

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